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You Can Still Boat Off Season

It’s getting to be cold in the panhandle, but it doesn’t matter. This is Florida. There may be some cool days in the coming months, but nothing you can’t handle.

The water is still beautiful, and the sand is still white. There’s no reason not to rent a pontoon boat and cruise around. Rent a pontoon from TrueBlue Pontoon and get on the water for some cool weather fun.

On sunny days, you may be able to take a dip in the water, so bring a couple of towels. Don’t forget to bring along sunscreen, too, because the fall and winter sun can still burn you.

Cruise around Crab Island, Destin Harbor or Okaloosa Island. Enjoy the sights and hang around for a spectacular sunset. When the sun goes down, you may be a little chilly on the water, so be sure to have a jacket. You’ll be glad to have it.

Plan to rent a pontoon and get on the water soon. Don’t let the cooler days keep you away for the water this area is known for.