Visit Crab Island

With a Pontoon from True Blue Pontoon

If your visiting the Emerald Coast, Crab Island is a can’t miss destination. Each year this gorgeous area attracts thousands upon thousands of vacationers including popular celebrities such as Keith Urban and Emeril Lagasse.

If your not familiar with the area you might wonder what exactly Crab Island is. Crab Island is a sandbar that is located just South of the Marler Bridge in Destin, just a few miles from True Blue’s pickup location on Okaloosa Island. It all started when a few boaters began using the Island as a place to anchor their boat catch some rays. Eventually, it turned into a popular social scene where tourists and locals alike congregate for fun in the sun!

It’s not unusual to see hundreds, if not close to a thousand boats at Crab Island in the summer. There are food vendors that run along the island and offer burgers, fries and sandwiches just to name a few. You will also find mini-stores that sell everything from sun tan lotion to a bag of cheetos. Some vendors also offer inflatables at Crab Island including huge water trampolines and slides, to make your visit even more exciting.

Crab Island is located a good distance away from the shore and is only accessible by boat. Are you ready for the Crab Island experience? Rent a pontoon boat from us at True Blue Pontoon!