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Off-Season Pontoon Rentals

The off-season is officially in full swing throughout the panhandle. The temperatures are getting a little colder, the snowbirds are flying in, and families all along the Emerald Coast are welcoming guests into their homes. It is an incredibly cheerful and inspiring time of the year. However, the holiday season along the panhandle can seem drastically different from other regions of the country.

In Florida, the offseason also typically means the holiday season, and the beaches and waterways can seem desolate compared to the summer months. In some instances this can seem justified, but as previously mentioned, the holiday season here is a lot different and a lot warmer. Our question is why not take advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather?

Now is the ideal time to soak up some sun on the water without having to deal with the insanity of the summer months. The experience will be practically the same minus the congested waterways and smoldering heat. The temperatures will be a little colder, but nothing we can’t handle!

We suggest that our customers pack just as they would for a summer cruise, so don’t forget the sunscreen! Just because the air is a little brisk doesn’t mean that the sun’s rays are any less potent. On the warmer days when the sun is beating down we encourage our customers to take a dip – if they’re brave enough! Just be sure to have a towel and jacket handy. The thought of being damp on the water while the sun sets is making me cold! Contact us today to reserve your pontoon and take advantage of the panhandle’s mild winter. Let us help make your holiday season one to remember.