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Fall is a Great Time to be on the Water

Fall has arrived, the temperature is a little cooler, and the water is still that beautiful emerald green
along the Gulf Coast in Destin. What better time to be on the water than right now?
Get up close and personal when you rent a pontoon boat from TrueBlue Pontoon. You can splash in the
water, watch the dolphins play, and enjoy life under the Florida sun.
You know you want to do it, so make that call today. Secure your boat, grab your flip flops, swimsuit,
and a beach towel. You probably better get a tube of sunscreen, too. You can still get a sunburn in the
Fall, especially if you make it a day on the water.
Visit Crab Island and make new friends or get away from the crowds on the north shore of Okaloosa
Island. The water is still beautiful, and it’s shallow enough to get out and splash around. You can also
enjoy the marine life from that vantage point.
This is a great time to have an adventure and make some memories, so go for it.
Just remember to be safe, because you know you’ll want to do it again.

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